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Anxiety Help With Wes is a podcast specializing in general anxiety disorder, panic attacks,and  depersonalization/derealization (a symptom of panic).

Aug 24, 2018

From the Mind Up Curriculum, Lesson 2 on Mindful Awareness.  


Episode breakdown 


  • Everything is my responsibility.  I always ask “what is my responsibility in getting here, and what actions am I willing to take to move forward?”   
  • We focus only on our part, not on what the other person has done.  We clean up our side of the street and keep going.
  • Even if I didn’t cause the situation, is my reaction appropriate?  What am I making this mean?
    • We can’t control what happens, but we can control how we react to it.
  • Love  
  • What if I knew I would love myself no matter what?
  • See my mother the way God sees her?
  • God help me see myself the way you see me?
  • I’m learning to see myself in a new way


TV Plug

  • The Disaster Artist

Update on Me

  • Exercise
    • Body high
  • Bedtime

Next week

  • Lewis Rowlands on Depersonalization Derealization


  • Link between national media coverage and an attractive person involved
    • Good looking people wouldn’t do something bad?
    • They are good looking, why would they do that?
  • Ben Affleck in rehab for alcohol addiction


Lesson 2 Mind Up

  • Mindful awareness is two parts (1) focusing attention and (2) withholding judgment