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Anxiety Help With Wes is a podcast specializing in general anxiety disorder, panic attacks,and  depersonalization/derealization (a symptom of panic).

Oct 23, 2018

Episode 14 - Listening is a skill


Personal Update: Got Married

Pete Davidson and Grande follow up

Cool articles on relationships


Mind Up Lesson 4

  • Reticular Activation System
  • Listening is a skill
    • Listen to understand
    • Repeat verbatim
    • Try it especially when you’ve been told something that bothers you.
    • Pause (and I mean long uncomfortable pauses)
    • Mindful (focused and without judgment)


Anxiety Help With Wes

I focus on general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depersonalization derealization.  

About Me

I’ve found there is a great need for those facing anxiety and depression.  As a School Counselor with a specialization in Stress and Anxiety Management, I see many students look for help in these areas but sometimes with little success.  Most doctors know little about this prevalent issue and many seek years of help before finding it. I myself have experienced severe panic attacks and depersonalization disorder.  After getting through what felt hopeless at times, I’m here to provide information, hope, and a comprehensive approach.