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Anxiety Help With Wes is a podcast specializing in general anxiety disorder, panic attacks,and  depersonalization/derealization (a symptom of panic).

Aug 24, 2018

From the Mind Up Curriculum, Lesson 2 on Mindful Awareness.  


Episode breakdown 


  • Everything is my responsibility.  I always ask “what is my responsibility in getting here, and what actions am I willing to take to move forward?”   
  • We focus only on our part, not on what the other person has done.  We clean...

Jul 27, 2018

Given Demi Lovato's recent headlines with a drug overdose, I (Wes) take a look at her environment, history, reasons, etc. behind substance use.  Additionally, ideas are discussed/considered about how she can best move forward.

Jul 20, 2018


Jul 13, 2018

We are joined w/ guest Kristen (Group Therapist) from a crisis hospital.  Interview begins at about 10 min. 

Show Intro - Social Anxiety Disorder

  1. Reading from the book “Getting Real” by Dr. Susan Campbell  
    • “A feeling is just a feeling, neither right nor wrong

Jul 7, 2018

  • Congrats
    • Make the bed, go the gym, were nicer to someone,
    • Did something to be a better version of self
    • Maybe you didn’t hit the bullseye, but did you stand up to worry somehow?
    • Was there a moment where you successfully coped with worry?  Where you won, even if just for a moment?
  • Reminder
    • It is okay to be...