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Anxiety Help With Wes is a podcast specializing in general anxiety disorder, panic attacks,and  depersonalization/derealization (a symptom of panic).

Aug 24, 2018

From the Mind Up Curriculum, Lesson 2 on Mindful Awareness.  


Episode breakdown 


  • Everything is my responsibility.  I always ask “what is my responsibility in getting here, and what actions am I willing to take to move forward?”   
  • We focus only on our part, not on what the other person has done.  We clean...

Aug 13, 2018

Understanding our brain is a key element for growth.  

Aug 3, 2018

My father, Roger Murphy, and I discuss panic attacks at school.  Then we identify (on the fly) what causes students anxiety.  Finally, we offer some solutions for students and parents facing these issues.  A few of the causes of panic for students are listed below